More Tips…
  • To shoot you can do the old “pull back” on a bow and arrow finger action, or just tap with your finger. Tap under the orb and arrows will launch in the opposite direction of where you tapped. Pulling back does allow slightly quicker shooting (more arrows) but is a workout for your finger.
  • You can play Arrow Mania with just one finger, but if you plan to beat the time for a level you are going to need to use two fingers! One to shoot, one to press the magnet on button.
  • You can get the bonus stars one at a time and they accumulate – no need to beat the time, score and lives in one go; though if you can you must be a hardcore gamer!.
  • The stars and scores are recorded along with the difficulty you played the level on. You can go back and play the level again on a harder difficulty; compare your scores on the different difficulty settings.
  • The harder the difficulty, the more hits planes take, the less hits the nice (!) birds take, you also get more meanies (more jets/birds/lasers). And bombs drop quicker!
  • If you are planning on getting to the top of the “Total Score” leaderboard on Game Center, then you need to know that the “total score” is not just the score of each level but the score of each level, on each difficulty! So to get to the very top you’ll need to play all levels on each difficulty.