Android Tapp – “addictive as hell”

Techno Android (Italy) – A really fun game : D

AppsOnTap 4.5/5

TUAW – Daily App of the day! “part puzzle, part arcade game that’ll both entertain and challenge you when you have a few free minutes”

iAppleTech (video review) – App of the Month!! Video Review

InsightVas – “Amazingly addictive”!

iTouchApps – “many hours of fun, addictive and challenging game-play”, “I urge all iOS gamers to give this addictive little app a try – very impressive.”

MobileWorld – “You can easily get addicted to smartphone games”, “there’s a new game you should try out. It’s called Arrow Mania”

TechAgregator – “One of our favorite games of 2012”

iAppleHow – “Arrow Mania an amazing game on your iPhone”

AppleSpot – “Nice combination of arcade and puzzle” (translated from Dutch)

TechCookies – “a really addictive game”

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