Arrow Mania is the best archery arrow shooting game for your tablet and mobile! With birds you really don’t want to shoot, they get angry! Fun and addicting with puzzle and arcade action.
• Bounce arrows off bouncy boards • Pop balloons • Dodge lasers • Angle and aim your arrows • Shoot down the falling bombs • Shoot down the pesky planes • With selectable difficulty, kids can play too • Pass achievements by completing special tasks • See how your score compares on the leaderboards online •
You can’t miss this game!
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 Arrow Mania has been translated into 11 Languages 
Arrow Mania’s names around the world – Crazy Arrow is used in a number of countries 
 Arrow Mania | 疯狂射箭 | 瘋狂射箭 | سهم المجنون | Verrückte Pfeile | クレイジーアーチェリー | 크레이지 양궁 | сумасшедшие арбалета | Loca Flecha | Arrow Mania (miễn phí)