Hi, let me introduce myself, my name is Gavin Thornton (GMT Development) and Arrow Mania is my first game since my teenage years!

I’ve been writing software for over 20 years, a couple of years ago I quit my full time job to try and make it on my own. After some contract work (and a bit of snowboarding) I decided to chase a childhood dream and try to write games for mobiles and tablets.

Arrow Mania is my first release. Originally released on iOS in 2012 Arrow Mania was 100% all my own work apart from the music, that is the design, programming, graphics and sound.

The music in Arrow Mania is by Randy Lamont Jones and licensed for use in the game.

In May 2013 I updated Arrow Mania again and also released on Android. This new version included a new title logo graphic and the main character changed from the metal ball to a crossbow, these new graphic were drawn by Jova Grof. In July I made the whole game free, all the stages in the free version (previously you could play 8).



Arrow Mania was developed with a number of development tools including the Cocos2D-X game engine framework. Any budding programmers looking to get into mobile development (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and others) should definitely take a look. It’s free, allows you to develop in C++ and port your code to lots of platforms like iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

And then there are lots of other tools including but not limited to: A laptop (mine is a Mac, but Windows is just as good), Tiled Map editor, various graphic packages (GIMP),
Vertex Helper Pro, Box2D (for collision detection, see my blog), Audacity sound sample editor.

You can find me contributing on various coding forums like Cococs2D-X. I also have my GMTDev Blog with some useful sample code on.



Arrow Mania has been translated into all these languages! Arrow Mania detects the language your phone is set to.

Arabic – سهم المجنون

Chinese Simplified – 疯狂射箭

Chinese Traditional – 瘋狂射箭

German – Verrückte Pfeile

Japanese – クレイジーアーチェリー

Korean – 크레이지 양궁

Spanish – Loca Flecha

Vietnamese – Arrow Mania (miễn phí)